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Apple WWDC 2012 Keynote Roundup

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This year’s WWDC 2012 conference was just a tad too late for us to liveblog, but here is a quick rundown of what went down. More detailed looks at each new piece will follow shortly. MacBook Air (starting at $1099) (11-inch or 13-inch) (available now) An updated MacBook Air has been shown with Ivy Bridge. Improvements with the starter model (11-inch $1099) include a new 1.7GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor, […]

FaceTime for Mac exits beta, will cost you $1.19 [u]

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Mac users will be happy to know that FaceTime for Mac – the tool to allow you to communicate with your friends who happen to also have another Mac product or iPhone/iPod touch – is now out of beta. But typical Apple, the finished version will cost you. Don’t worry, it’s not bad. It will cost you AUD $1.19 – or in the Apple Store currency converter equivalent of US […]

TECHGEEK Weekly 29: New Blood Required

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While James and Stewart are out, we get Tom Wood – a former host of a former TECHGEEK Podcast incarnation – to help us dissect the news that Playboy is going to the iPad uncensored, the University of Sydney having a privacy headache and Steve Jobs has gone on medical leave – again. Tom Wood, who also happens to be a known advocate of cyber-bullying prevention, also finds himself doing […]

Report: iPad cannibalising Apple’s MacBook sales

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Strong sales of the iPad could have a small impact to sales of its flagship Mac lineup, in particular its low-end MacBook line, according to one financial analyst citing supply chain sources. Shaw Wu, from Kaufman Bros., told investors that checks with suppliers revealed that the iPad availability is better than expected, mainly due to the increased availability of screens that the iPad uses. However, the MacBook (not MacBook Pro) […]

TECHGEEK Podcast 10: We are currently in negotiations

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Yes. We have a government. And it’s Julia Gillard. James Wilson is still pretty pissed about that, but we are moving on with the show with a lot of Apple news, discussion on XP and dispel or add to the iPad 2.0 rumour. On the show this time with Terence, Tom and Stewart is James Wilson – after a long hiatus – and bringing his colourful (we’re not using the […]

FaceTime to meet Windows, OSX. 64-bit “iDVD-less” iLife due 2011.

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RUMOUR MILL: According to the French site Mac4Ever, there will be a new, mystery application that will replace iDVD in the iLife ’11 suite. The site also says that the entire iLife range will become native 64-bit (possibly iTunes as well). While this may be as a shock to some, it is expected as Apple moves forward in blurring the line between pro and family-able applications. 64-bit would mean your […]

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