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Facebook is Going Public (and other stuff that you should know)

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Image: Tom Solari/ Hours before Facebook finally kickstart this entire IPO process in New York, many of you are wondering what the hell is the big fuss? Unless you happen to be into technology, or just happen to work in either the financials or technology industry, you would have simply just heard it was going to go and offer its shares to the market. Well, here’s a bit of a […]

Facebook files IPO, wants to raise $5 billion

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Image: Tom Solari/ Facebook is going public. The social networking site has filed its hotly anticipated (and much rumoured) IPO, with the company seeking to raise $5 billion from selling its shares on the stock market. The company, however, has not listed when it will sell those shares, nor has it released any initial price on those shares. The company also plans to sell Class A stock – which will […]