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Things Found on Etsy: Companion Cube Ceramic Coin Bank

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Another week, another thing found on Etsy. Basically, for those not in the know, this is a semi-regular feature we have on the site to find the weird, geeky and wonderful products on Etsy, a community for artistic people to sell their own hand-made goods. And this time, we’re going for one of the most popular objects in one of the most popular games ever made – the Companion Cube. […]

Things Found on Etsy: Doctor Who Pillows!

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Doctor Who ends its five-part run this week on ABC1 (it comes back for the annual Christmas special and another run of episodes next year), and why not feature some Doctor Who-themed items. Especially these ones – pillows of the Tenth and Eleventh Doctor, which might be handy when you want to re-watch Blink. These 14-inch tall by 11-inch wide pillows are hand-made and are securely stitched using anti pill […]

Things Found on Etsy: Hogwarts 16oz Glasses

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In the past, we’ve covered some things found on Etsy – that little website that lets creators sell their goods, and many of them are usually very geeky. I’ve decided to bring it back a tad bit, since we haven’t been emphasising much on the geek part of the website. And what a way to bring it back with some Hogwarts glasses. These 16oz pint glasses each have a sandblasted […]