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Canadian Govt attacked by foreign hackers – IPs traced to China

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Image: chispita_666/Flickr Canada has been the target of a cyberattack that could have given highly sensitive federal information to foreign nationals and has taken off two key financial departments of the Internet since early January, according to CBC News. The attack, first detected in early January, has resulted in both the Finance Department and Treasury Board in order to prevent any more information stolen from their networks, with the counter-espionage […]

Symantec calls Chinese city world’s hacker hub

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China isn’t getting any good news within the technology sector, especially when Google just pulled from the country and moved it to Hong Kong. Now, Symantec has identified a city in China to be the world’s capital of cyber-espionage, after identifying and tracing 12 billion e-mails that were “target attacks” coming from China – a higher number than what Symantec initially thought. Researchers found that 21.3% percent that were […]

Chinese espionage fears on NBN bid

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Optus’ bid for the National Broadband Network bid has left security agencies closely examining the bid, after it is believed that it will involve Chinese telecommunications equipment maker Huawei Technologies to build the $15 billion project. While Optus has confirmed that it has been working with them in tests, it is still unknown if they will help in the final bid. Huawei’s work has been a magnet for concerns of […]

Your iPhone is spying on you…

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Your iPhone is pretty much watching what you temporarily store as a screenshot, which can be used by hackers or forensic experts if they can recover it, according to a renowned iPhone hacker who exposed the flaw in a webcast. Jonathan Zdziarski explained that the popular handset snaps a screenshot of your most recent action – may it be sending a text message, e-mailing or just browsing the web – […]

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