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Hand warmers – now powered by USB

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Turns out, almost anything you can think of is now powered by USB – from blankets to slippers, all sucking power from your computer via that USB port. Well, now, turns out you can add hand warmers to that list of USB-powered items made from China. A store called Brando, and yes we have no idea if they are credible or not, are stocking these hand warmers that are designed […]

TECHGEEK Podcast 18: Put that in your phone

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John Brumby goes Oprah and starts giving doctors iPads, Facebook tries to kill Gmail with their own email project and your phone will be able to determine if you have a STD instantly. What a freaky little world. Oh, and turns out the Kinect is starting to be a bit creepy (and its not because of Project Milo) when advertising companies are getting images of you performing acts in front […]

Ten unveils new digital channel plans

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The Ten Network has confirmed that it will be launching a new general entertainment channel on its second multichannel in the second half of the year, joining ONE HD and the main network on digital television. It has also been confirmed that the station will have a new brand, unlike the public broadcaster ABC and SBS – referring to their channels as ABC1, ABC2, SBS One or SBS Two. David […]

Interview: Nokia’s Purnima Kochikar

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This week saw Nokia hold a developer day in Sydney; and before the event took place, managed to get an e-mail interview with Purnima Kochikar, the Vice President of Forum Nokia – the developer community. We talked about Ovi and Nokia’s embrace of open source technology – as well as Symbian and Maemo/MeeGo. So, hope you enjoy this little interview. Editor’s Note: The questions were sent before MeeGo’s announcement; […]

China to say bye bye to non-environmentally cars

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China might have found a permanent solution to that smoke that has been building up in Beijing for years, as starting next June, any vehicles with that have been labelled as “green” by local authorities will be the only cars that can enter the city centre. According to Gasgoo, vehicles will be rated either a green label or a yellow label, with certain roads restricted to yellow-labelled cars in Beijing. […]

A bench powered by solar energy

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Got to love green technology, and this is no exception. A park bench that uses solar energy to light up and power a Wi-Fi hotspot, and is made out of aluminium and recycled plastic – so it’s also environmentally friendly as well. Because of the design, the outer cover can be changed to “various environments of the park”. Unfortunately, this thing is sadly not in production, nor will it ever. […]

Whistleblower says that Apple are smashing Macs to pieces

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An whistleblower has told APC Magazine that Apple Australia has been ordering its flagship products, the Mac, to be smashed into pieces in a Sydney warehouse, where many are still able to work. Filmmaker James Johnston (not his real name), who says that he supplements his income with factory work through several companies, assumed that he was in for a normal job at Apple, but he was wrong. What he […]

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