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Basecamp releases Hey, the hosted email service for neat freaks like us

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The well-known project management software team at Basecamp has launched in full-force their very own fully-hosted and full-featured email service known as HEY. Let’s try to run through what Hey has to offer really quickly in a bunch of words: Privacy Focused Emails, Fixing bad subjects, an imBox for important emails, managed attachments, quite & loud when you want it, workflows, news-feed style for crap, clips, private notes, .. and […]

Tip: How to know if your email account has been hacked (Updated)

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Image: Stewart Wilson/ Since hacking seems to be part of everyday now, there has never been a real way to check if your email account has been hacked – until today. A Sydney-based security researcher, Daniel Grzelak has developed a website which allows people to check if their email accounts have been compromised. The website uses a number of sources to search through and if it finds a match, it will let you […]

Hotmail accounts missing emails

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Some Hotmail users have started the new year with a bit of frustration, as users are reporting missing emails and also email’s being sent to the Deleted mail folder. Worried users have flocked to Microsoft’s forums for help, which currently has 476 pages of complaints. Windows Live technicians have responded to some of the threads, stating that they are aware of the problem and are trying to work out a […]