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5 THINGS TO DO when making a PowerPoint presentation

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I’ve seen my fair share of horrible PowerPoint presentations, and I’ve noticed that they tend to follow common trends. So, I’ve decided to compile what I see from these very bad (and often nightmarish) presentations with my very own knowledge of how I design presentations to give you a guide on the 5 Things To Do when you make are making presentation in PowerPoint. Also, while it is not included, […]

Victoria to trial iPad in Australian schools

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On the same day as the iPad was released, the Victorian Government has announced that it will spend over $300,000 to pay for the newly-launched device in a ground-breaking trial to see if this device could have educational benefits within the Victorian education system. Victoria is the first state to implement this for educational purposes. “Education is the top priority of this Government and our Australian-first trial of iPads in […]

Govt Freelancer claimed to wrote Google attack code

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Analysts from the United States government have said that they have found the programmer who wrote the code that was used to hack into Google’s servers last year, according to the Financial Times. According to the newspaper, the man is a security consultant in his 30s and posted sections of the code to a hacking forum. The creator is known to be a freelancer, but while he did not launch […]

Conficker infects Oxford University

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Thought Conficker was dead and buried? Well, you were wrong, as the communal PCs used by the students who attend the Oxford Brookes University were found to be infected with the malware on Thursday, leaving a difficult job to IT support to clean out the virus. “There has been a sustained and significant virus attack on the Brookes network. We are presently working to counteract it but this may result […]

Obama’s policy on technology – education and universal broadband

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Just days before the US Presidential election, we managed to find a video about him talking about what is his plan with technology. His plan includes allowing people to comment on new legislation before it is signed, enforce anti-trust laws (no more monopolies!), and ensuring that every American will have broadband. At least his plan does not include a filter. You can view the video below, or if you like […]

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