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Altec Lansing brings out new powerful speakers

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The guys over at Altec Lansing have announced that the Octane 7 will soon be reaching Australian shores soon. The Octane 7 is a 2.1 speaker system that is meant to be used by Gaming PCs or playing movies or music on your laptop. It features a two 1-inch micro-drivers and a down-firing three-inch mid-range in each speaker, six and a half inch side-firing and separate controls for bass and […]

Toshiba sees that DVD is the future…

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After losing the format war against Sony (remember, the HD DVD vs. Blu-Ray thing), Toshiba has released its new XD-E500. The good things is that it uses Toshiba’s new eXtended Detail Enhancement technology (EDE) – which basically upconverts to fill the void between those upconverting players and Blu-Ray; and it costs US$150. However, it does not play Blu-Ray; and Toshiba did not try to compare the new player with a […]

Breaking DVD DRM is legal in Finland

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Boing Boing has written that Finland is now allowing you to break the CSS DRM on your DVD, as Finish law only protects “effective” DRM, and since it’s been broken many times; this means it’s no longer protected!