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Skydrive gets more improvements – more (paid) storage, native apps for Windows and Mac

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While many scoff at the idea of SkyDrive being an actual competitor to Dropbox because it has the word “Windows Live” on it, it’s a decent product. And now, it’s about to get some more additions with paid storage increases and native applications for Windows and Mac. The news of the clients come via the little promo on the leaked images, but Mac users will certainly rejoice. You can now […]

Insync offers cheaper alternative to Dropbox

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Dropbox, the current leader in cloud file syncing, may finally have a worthy competitor in the form of insync, a new file syncing service which uses your pre-existing Google storage to keep you constantly hooked to the cloud. One of the big hurdles of keeping your files in sync using Google Docs when compared to Dropbox is the fact that you always have to use the online editor or be […]

HTC and Dropbox to offer cloud storage on Sense 3.5 phones

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New phones from HTC with Sense 3.5, such as the HTC Rhyme, will now recieve an extra 3GB of space on top of the 2GB default on Dropbox thanks to a partnership between HTC and Dropbox. The extra storage will be given when the phone is connected to the service. This means that any upcoming HTC phone with their Android skin, Sense 3.5, will have the ability to sync up […]

How to Replace MobileMe for Free

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Apple’s online suite, while expensive, does look pretty. But can you get most of the job it does for free? You bet.┬áHere are some free alternatives to MobileMe applications. Oh, and excuse my l33t Photoshop skills.

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