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Killer Instinct: Orchid revealed, Spinal teased

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IGN and Double Helix Studios set up a 2-hour stream, showcasing the fan favourite Orchid, and a handful of new features coming to the game this November. Orchid is a rushdown character that uses a mixture of classic and new special moves, resulting in really intense in-your-face combat. Source: IGN Orchid’s moveset is more offense than defense, having her classic Flik Flak cartwheel and a new slide, as well as […]

Killer Instinct: Pricing Details + 5th Character Reveal

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During Gamescom, Double Helix and Microsoft announced Killer Instinct’s pricing structure for the Xbox One this November. There will be 6 characters available at launch, with another 2 being released a few months after, and for those who get the Ultra Edition, will also get an emulated version of the original Killer Instinct Arcade game. It was also confirmed that there will be character skins and accessories (small features that […]

Killer Instinct – Chief Thunder Teased at EVO 2013

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The Super Smash Bros. Melee and Injustice Finals at EVO 2013 were really intense, but I was more stoked for the Injustice and Killer Instinct character reveals. During the stage demonstration, Glacius’ combo trailer finished with a teaser, showing a tomahawk fly across the screen and stick into a tree. Chief Thunder will be returning to Killer Instinct! Source: IGN For those unfamiliar with the series, Chief Thunder made his appearance […]

Killer Instinct: Behind the Scenes at Double Helix Studios

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Killer Instinct was announced at E3 last month, and was one of the biggest games to be revealed at the Microsoft press conference. The original creators Rare, unfortunately won’t be working on the reboot of the franchise, but luckily we have developers Double Helix who are definitely right for the job. Dedicated to work alongside the KI community and bring the best experience, Double Helix show us how passionate they are […]

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