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Sydney, Melbourne and AFL bid for their own domain TLDs

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Image: Tom Reynolds/Flickr (Creative Commons) Domains such as, and could exist next year after revelations that both the Victorian and New South Wales governments, and the AFL have made bids to have their own top-level domain. The move has been made possible after ICANN – the body that manages domains – loosen restrictions on creating top-level domains. Previously, it had to be industry-backed or within the generic […]

PETA turns to porn for animal rights – yes, graphic footage included

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UPDATE [29/08/2013]:¬†We have updated the article in order to take issue with Google Adsense saying that an image is considered pornographic material. We consider it isn’t, given the fact that it was an actual ad for PETA found on Flickr back in 2011. There is nudity – which apparently goes against Adsense’s policies – but it’s not adult material. Like I said, this was an ad for PETA. However, we […]

ICANN approves new changes to domain names

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ICANN, the group in charge of all domain names on the Internet, has approved one of the biggest shake-ups of the internet naming system, with the approval of new generic top-level domain names (the ending of domains, such as .com or .net) Prompted with the almost exhaustion of common domain names in .com and .net, the new system will allow dozens and even hundreds of endings. This means that people […]