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Doctor Who 2013 Christmas Special, Sherlock Series 3 trailers released

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SPOILERS! If you haven’t watched The Day of the Doctor that was on ABC1 earlier this morning and instead waiting for it to appear on iView, watch it in cinemas in 3D, or waiting for its repeat at 7:30pm – then you probably should avoid this post. The BBC has released two new trailers just after the airing of The Day of the Doctor – one ten second teaser of the upcoming Christmas […]

BBC to announce the next Doctor on Monday

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Image: BBC The BBC will announce who will play the next Doctor after Matt Smith, who leaves in this year’s Christmas special, on BBC One this Sunday August 4th at 7pm – or, in Sydney time, 4am on Monday August 5th. According to a BBC press release: Widely regarded as one of the most hotly contested roles in British television, the show’s host Zoe Ball will unveil the 12th Doctor […]

Things Found on Etsy: Doctor Who Pillows!

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Doctor Who ends its five-part run this week on ABC1 (it comes back for the annual Christmas special and another run of episodes next year), and why not feature some Doctor Who-themed items. Especially these ones – pillows of the Tenth and Eleventh Doctor, which might be handy when you want to re-watch Blink. These 14-inch tall by 11-inch wide pillows are hand-made and are securely stitched using anti pill […]

Doctor Who to debut on iView before TV

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Doctor Who fans will be able to watch the first episode of the new series, starring the Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith, on ABC’s iView service when the clock strikes at midnight on April 16 before it makes its debut two days later on ABC1 – and all this within two weeks of the BBC’s debut of the new series. “View is a fantastic offering, an additional way for Australian audiences […]

BBC looking into global iPlayer catchup service

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The BBC is said to be looking into offering a global service to its iPlayer service, currently available to the UK market only, with the help of its commercial arm, BBC Worldwide. However, unlike the iPlayer in the UK, you are likely going to be charged to watch one single episode. The iPlayer in the UK is paid by the license fee and is advertising free – mainly because of […]

Geek Out: MAME console in a TARDIS

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It’s not bigger on the inside, but it has a kick-arse MAME controller. While there are things that we certainly think that are weird, we don’t think this is – unless you are not a game freak or a Doctor Who fan. You really have to be a nerd to actually design this system, and even build a MAME controller in a design just like the console of the TARDIS […]

Doctor Who : Time Crash

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Children in Need in the UK has just finished. It also had a special episode from Doctor Who, my favourite sci-fi show. Scouring over the net, I managed to find it… [youtube 22-J4rm7trc] Enjoy!!!

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