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TECHGEEK Weekly 30: Death by SMS

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Wow. We’ve reached 30 episodes – who knew from the beginning we would actually have reached this far. Anyway, we discuss the IPv4 running out of addresses, the new PSP2 by Sony and the Egypt Internet Blackout. We also find out that we are really good at debating points of view, so you may find this episode to be longer than what we usually have our podcasts Sorry if we […]

TECHGEEK Podcast 5: Filter Us. We dare you!

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We are joined by Cupertino Loop‘s editor and (questionable) impressionist of Julia Gillard, James Wilson, for this week’s episode of the TECHGEEK Podcast – where we talk about the iOS 4 jailbreak, Apple no longer acting like a schoolgirl from high school, Liberals support for no filter and BlackBerry banned in UAE and Saudi Arabia. Sorry for the (if not apparent, disregard this) broken episode, mainly because James Wilson decided […]

Report: Google to buy Digg?

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TechCrunch is reporting that search giant Google is close to acquiring social news aggregator Digg for around $200 million, with the companies are in "final negotiations" according to their sources. It would most likely to be under its Google News property, but it could still fall through or another party would step in, like Microsoft – whom they have an advertising deal with and will be terminated if a sale […]

The Clone is for sale

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Pligg, the open source clone of Digg, has put itself up for sale. But the deal is good; as it includes the domain, website, the source code and the SourceForge account.

The Kevin Rose Project?

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Kevin Rose is reported to be working on a new ‘IM and Twitter’ competitor. The new company is being developed by Rose, Leah Culver and Digg colleague Daniel Burka. The product’s launch date is expected to be later this month.

The Digg “Coup”

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Digg, the powerful leader in news social bookmarking, has fallen to the mob. This happened after a story of a HD-DVD crack. A company demanded for it to be taken down and it was deleted. After that, the users posted many of the crack. Gizmodo has said that the first 4 pages were dedicated to it. The code was this…

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