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Danish company to bring out DAB+ compatible radio at CES

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While digital radios are still scarce, more DAB+ radios are coming – but mainly from and for Europe as it has a bigger market there. This product is the Tangent DAB 2go, and is another table-top DAB+ radio receiver. However, it may not look stylish because its PR noted that the design is inspired by the 50s – and for those who are looking at it like it was familiar, […]

Censorship lists from Thailand and Denmark leaked as Australian Govt. delays trial

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Secret lists of websites in two countries have been leaked online to Wikileaks, a known site for publishing secret information and putting it to the public, as the Australian Government has announced that they will delay the live trial of the controversial internet filtering scheme that would, according to experts, cripple our internet connection. Denmark’s list of 3863 websites was published yesterday onto Wikileaks, and is to believed to contain […]