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Dell sues LCD makers for price fixing

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Dell has accused five Asian LCD manufacturers — Hitachi, Sharp, Toshiba, HannStar, and Seiko Epson — for price fixing in a lawsuit filed in the US District Court of San Francisco, according to a report on Reuters. For Hitachi and Sharp, it’s familiar territory. In December, Nokia filed suit against the two companies for LCD price fixing; while in March last year, the two companies — along with LG and Chunghwa […]

TG Podcast: Ep. 1 – We’re Back…

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And we’re back with something new. Thanks to Stewart, we are getting back into the podcast game, though we are going to do this monthly. Yeah, I know, a monthly podcast. Basically that would mean that we would basically catch you up with an entire month’s worth of news in a 30 or so minute show, and thanks to Stewart’s wonderful (or infamous) editing skills, we did just that. The […]

Intel brings app store to netbooks

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Intel has decided to follow in Android, Apple, Blackberry and Nokia’s footsteps in opening up an app store. This endeavour, however, will not be mobile phones, nor for laptops, but for the netbook laptops. Called the Intel AppUp, it will allow users to find, download and purchase software that would run fine on the Atom processor. Applications selected will run on either Windows or Moblin-based operating systems, but will also […]

Dell updates Inspiron line

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After updating the Inspiron Mini line, Dell has brought out an update to the Inspiron 14, 15 and 17 laptops. The new laptops have been redesigned for “on-the-go media consumption” and have a new thin chassis, 16:9 HD displays and will have an Intel Core i5 processor that will start at US$849 and are available now. There will also be versions with a Core i3 processor that will start at […]

Dell brings out tablet concept

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Featuring a 5-inch screen and will be Android powered, Dell has released images of its new tablet concept. And that’s about it, virtually no details have been released other the first two – and that’s usual from all Dell product teasers. Why use a 5-inch display? We don’t really have an answer for that yet. But apparently it will ship later this year – according to the Direct2Dell blog. Gallery […]

Alienware launches 11-inch gaming laptop …

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… because that is so possible. Well, now it is. This is the Alienware M11X. Alienware is known for their gaming laptops, and this is no different. According to them, it will demonstrate the power of a 15-inch laptop but it is not a 15-inch laptop. This is a 11-inch laptop and is a sub-US$1000 notebook. We don’t really know what is inside but all we know is that it […]

Dell Mini 3 announced, heads to AT&T and Vodafone

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Dell has announced that it will sell the Mini 3, its smartphone product featuring Google Android, in the United States via AT&T. While the specs have not been revealed, we expect them to be the same as the one seen in Brazil and China – a 3.5-inch 640×320 display with a 3 megapixel camera with flash, a microSD card slot and GPS. It should hit Dell’s online store in the […]

Dell buys Perot Systems in $3.9 billion deal

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Dell has announced that it will buy Perot Systems, an IT services provider, in a deal worth US$3.9 billion as the company is looking to diversify away from its consumer PC business core and to better position itself from rivals like HP. Under the deal, Dell would acquire all outstanding common stock of Perot Systems for $30 per share, a 68 percent premium to its closing price on Friday of […]

Rumour Mill: New (blurry) photo shows Dell smartphone?

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According to a Chinese forum (via Engadget), this seems to be a new smartphone that Dell is set to be bringing out sometime soon running on, what we can gather, Android. However, since it is from China, we can’t really confirm it since it could be a fake. But hey, there’s nothing stopping you to actually believe that this is real.

CES 2009 : Windows Live Essentials gets released, new partnerships with Dell, Facebook & Verizon

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CES 2009 KEYNOTE : Microsoft has announced three brand new things for the Windows Live platform, which Steve Ballmer said it was an “essential companion” to the PC. First it announced that it will bring out the final version of the new Windows Live Essentials, which features Windows Live Messenger, Writer, Mail and Photo Gallery. This new version will be compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. It […]

Dell execs leave as company restructures

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In a major shakeup since founder Michael Dell returned to the no. 2 PC maker, two Dell executives have announced that they will leave the company as it undergoes a restructure. Mike Cannon, president of Global Operations, and Mark Jarvis, marketing chief, were brought in to help the company to regain it status as the no. 1 PC maker after falling behind rival HP. The restructure, which includes slashing 8,000 […]

New ultrathin Dell laptop coming?

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According to the New York Times, Dell might be bringing a rival to the ultrathin MacBook Air. Called the “Adamo”, it is registered to the computer-maker, with a “coming soon” on its website. “Rumor has it that Dell is coming out with a computer called Adamo that will rival the MacBook Air,” the NYT quotes from (which has taken down the content).

Dell in $500 million discrimination lawsuit

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Four former senior Dell HR executives, all of them women, have filed a class action lawsuit that accuses the company of gender and age discrimination – alleging that the company targeted women and employees over the age of 40 in its plan to lay-off 10 percent of its staff worldwide, or 8,800 employees in total. The women, being represented by law firm Sanford Wittels & Heisler, want to “change Dell’s […]

Mac OS X Running on a Dell Mini 9

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Over at UNEASYsilence, they have succeeded into Running OS X 10.5.5 on a Dell Mini. They used a patched OS X install disk and installed it without the problem. Its reported than Wireless, Sound and Webcam works perfectly after some quick mods to the system. Head over here, to see more information.

WSJ: Dell phasing out XPS for Alienware

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NEWS IN BRIEF: According to the Wall Street Journal, Dell will be phasing out its XPS desktop gaming machines. This will leave Alienware as the only high-end PC offering at the company, after acquired it in 2006. Apparently, the Dell’s XPS PC Line "ate into" the sales of Alienware; where it competes with other brands like HP’s Voodoo and Falcon Northwest. The report also says that Alienware will bring out […]

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