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5+ ESSENTIAL Back To School tips to help you study

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Right now, Australian school kids are going back to school after their summer holidays. However, we all know that the level and amount of study increases – especially when they enter their final years of school to complete their VCE, HSC or equivalent. Since I finished high school last year, I decided to write down how I managed to study – while, of course, balancing my time on the site. […]

TECHGEEK Weekly 37: Kicking in the Front Seat

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We’re back with a new episode, and while the tech industry is at a standstill, the Internet gets a red-light district, and the Zune bids adieu. Meanwhile, the week has been dominated by security flaw after security flaw, and Rebecca Black infects our Chris’ mind with the weekend. We also wonder why 13-year olds are driving cars, and Internet Explorer 9 is finally out – and Stewart hates it. Why? […]

Delicious sold for $1m, heading to StumbleUpon?

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Carol Bartz, CEO of Yahoo, is selling Delicious. But to whom? Yahoo is being reported to have found a buyer for the popular bookmarking service Delicious for US$1 million. Rumours by British newspaper The Guardian are saying that the leading bid is being headed up by StumbleUpon, another web link sharing site. The site, bought by Yahoo in 2005, was supposed to revitalise Yahoo after being integrated to the brand. […]

TECHGEEK Weekly 36: The Hidden Truth

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More censorship is coming to the App Store, Kogan makes the $1 million bet, and we see the insides of the iPad 2. Oh, and we have gone Charlie Sheen-mad this week after the release of the Gregory Brothers’ “Winning” song. Since Tom (and James, but he never shows up) is not here this week, we get Dave Barranquero – some random person that Chris and Stewart know – as […]

TECHGEEK Weekly 30: Death by SMS

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Wow. We’ve reached 30 episodes – who knew from the beginning we would actually have reached this far. Anyway, we discuss the IPv4 running out of addresses, the new PSP2 by Sony and the Egypt Internet Blackout. We also find out that we are really good at debating points of view, so you may find this episode to be longer than what we usually have our podcasts Sorry if we […]

Morning Briefing: Friday 17 December

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Welcome to the Morning Briefing for Friday 17th December 2010, where we highlight the tech stories from across the web and what we are watching here at Here’s what we are watching: Julian Assange is freed on bail by a London court. He vows to clear his name of allegations of sexual assault in Sweden and continue his work on the infamous site Wikileaks. After axing 4% of its […]

Heartbreak over at Yahoo – founders of Flickr & leave

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Joining the long list of executives leaving Yahoo (TechCrunch has a list of the executives, too long to count); both the founders of Flickr and have left their posts at Yahoo. Stewart Butterfield and Caterina Flake, the husband-and-wife founders of Flickr, and Joshua Schachter, the founder of, have all resigned from their posts. Both of their companies were aquired in 2005 by Yahoo – both very popular sites […]