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Google wants to make it easier to encrypt emails with new plugin

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Google has today announced that it plans to support end-to-end encryption with Gmail via a Chrome extension, making it harder for others (such as intelligence agencies) to snoop on your emails. End-to-end encryption sees the sender encrypting data (in this case, an email) before it is sent to its intended recipient. It stays encrypted until the receiving party decrypts it, meaning that no third party can intercept and read or […]

Microsoft Security Essentials tops anti-virus list

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Credits: Robert S. Donovan/Flickr (Creative Commons) Microsoft’s Security Essentials has officially become the most-used anti-virus program for this quarter and appears to be growing at an exponential rate than its competitors, according to a new report by security analysts OPSWAT. Microsoft’s free security program – launched in 2009 as a replacement for Windows Live OneCare and an additional layer of protection from Windows Defender – topped the free alternatives from […]

Tip: F#*K! My blog got hacked. Now what?

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This article is part two of two covering blog hacking for Security Month, a month-long look in the importance of security. You can read the previous part (one dealing with prevention) here. Part Two covers what to do after your blog just got hacked. Enjoy! This article was written by Catalin Cosoi. Recovering from a hack can be a painstaking experience, and the effects of a hack may be felt […]

Tip: How to prevent your blog being hacked

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This article is part one of two covering blog hacking for Security Month, a month-long look in the importance of security. Part two covers what to do when hacked, while this will focus on covering how to prevent your blog from getting hacked. This article was written by Catalin Cosoi. Blogging is undoubtedly one of the most popular ways of expression on the Web. While some bloggers opt for a […]

Symantec appoints cybersecurity advisor

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Symantec has announced that it will appoint Adam Palmer to become the Lead Cybersecurity Advisor for its Norton department, where he will be the public face of preventing cybercrime via education, empowerment and by reinforcing online rights with the assistance of law enforcement and other key organisations. “Adam Palmer is a proven leader in the fight against cybercriminals and a powerful addition to our team,” Janice Chafflin, the President of […]

Symantec calls Chinese city world’s hacker hub

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China isn’t getting any good news within the technology sector, especially when Google just pulled from the country and moved it to Hong Kong. Now, Symantec has identified a city in China to be the world’s capital of cyber-espionage, after identifying and tracing 12 billion e-mails that were “target attacks” coming from China – a higher number than what Symantec initially thought. Researchers found that 21.3% percent that were […]

Obama selects Schmidt to take up cybersecurity coordinator

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NEWS IN BRIEF: President Barack Obama has chosen Howard Schmidt to take up the role as the national cybersecurity coordinator, according to an “administration official” talking to the Washington Post. The role will coordinate cybersecurity policy across the federal government – including the military agencies. Schmidt, who is the president of the not-for-profit consortium Information Security Forum and was a cyber-adviser to the former Bush administration, will report to the […]

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