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US teen arrested for bullying teen via website

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Cyber bullying is in the spotlight again after a ninth-grader in the US state of Missouri has been arrested for creating a website that was used to attack another female student at her school, the most recent arrest in a series of arrests under Missouri’s cyber bullying laws. School district authorities in Troy, Missouri, where she attends the Troy Buchanan Ninth Grade Centre, were alerted to the case after the […]

WA Students posting bullying videos will be suspended

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In a way to stop cyber-bullying, The Education Department in Western Australia has ordered every public school in the state to suspend any student that has been caught posting videos containing violent behaviour on websites like YouTube. This comes after videos recorded on mobile phones depict brawls between students at the North Albany Senior High School was uploaded on the popular video-sharing site, YouTube. It is part of a string […]

A guide on how to stop cyber-bullying

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This post was written by Tom Wood (you know, the guy who cracked the porn filter last year). Orignally posted on his blog, The Wood Verdict, I have been given permission to repost it here on This content has been edited style-wise, and all (well, most) of the content has been preserved. Cyber-Bullying affects at least 22% of Aussie kids. It can be 24/7, relentless, compacted by an audience […]

LA Judge considers throwing out Lori Drew case after testimony backfire

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A Los Angeles judge is considering throwing out the case against Lori Drew, who is facing one count of conspiracy and three counts of unauthorised computer access for allegedly violating the terms of service of MySpace to inflict psychological harm on 13-year-old Megan Meier that led to her suicide, after it was revealed yesterday that she did not start the MySpace profile nor read the terms of service. But who […]

Cyber Bullying… Teacher’s Edition

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The BBC is reporting that teachers are now the victims of ‘cyber bullying.’ This is due to malicious comments on the web, via text or video. The Association of Teachers and Lecturers has warned of the distress caused to teachers by anonymous, malicious comments on websites. “Offensive” comments and mocking video clips should not be allowed to undermine teachers’ authority. Such public attacks “belittle and bully” classroom teachers, says the […]

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