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Mozilla pushes out Firefox 4 – copies Chrome in more ways than one

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After Internet Explorer 9 got some good press for its revamp look, Mozilla – not wanting Microsoft get all the good goss – has officially launched their new version of Firefox, version 4.0. And it’s kind of obvious where Firefox got their new UI inspiration from – rival Chrome. While it’s obvious that it looks copied, it does mean a new shift for 4.0. The new UI see tabs now […]

W3C brings out a new logo for HTML5… wait, what?

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This, my fellow readers, is the new logo for HTML5. And you may be thinking, what the hell? Why does this have a logo? Well, its to make it easier to identify HTML5 websites – rather than looking up the code – and also does a good job of promoting the new technologies behind the new standard. “It stands strong and true, resilient and universal as the markup you write. […]

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