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GALLERY: EA releases Crysis 3 screenshots, concept art

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The upcoming game Crysis 3 isn’t coming out til 2013, but EA has released some concept art and some screenshots from the game. If you haven’t already heard, the game sees Prophet returning to New York, only to find it encased in a ‘Nanodome’ by the Cell Corporation. The screenshots and art can be found below, after the jump.

EA reveals Crysis 3, coming soon in Spring 2013 [GALLERY]

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EA has revealed its first major game for 2013, confirming that there will be a Crysis 3 for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. Described by EA as giving gamers “the premier sandbox shooter experience of 2013”, it suggests that it could be more like the first game in the series. We’ve got screenshots, and you can see them after the jump. Crysis 3 sees Prophet returning to New York, […]