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Security researchers “partially crack” WPA in 15 minutes

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Once thought to be the safer Wi-Fi security option than WEP, the Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) encryption standard has been cracked by a security researcher Erik Tews, who will be presenting and discussing the results at next week’s PacSec conference in Tokyo. His test was to crack the security protocol to read what was being sent from a router to a laptop, and this attack could also be used to […]

Hacking AACS [again [again] ]

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Ars Technica is reporting that the Doom9 forums has cracked the AACS coding after a WinDVD hole that’s been patched. This is not the first time that they have claimed this. The hacker even claims that it can’t be patched. This used the HD DVD drive that is for the Xbox 360. AACS is the new copy prevention tool that protects both Blu-Ray and HD DVD disks. Even though it’s […]

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