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Conroy introduces quotas on digital channels, declares no fourth free-to-air network

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Image: espensorvik/Flickr (Creative Commons) Communications Minister Senator Stephen Conroy has announced that first part of implementing the Convergence Review. This will include the introduction of Australian content quotas on digital channels, and has declared that there will no fourth free-to-air network on the so-called “sixth channel”. Digital channels by Seven, Nine and Ten must broadcast 730 hours of Australian content in 2013; before increasing to 1095 hours in 2014 and […]

Convergence Review: the call for regulation will be unpopular with established media

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Image: dailyinvention/Flickr (Creative Commons) I’m looking forward to the next few days. The Convergence Review’s key recommendation to introduce a new body to “regulate” the activities of our major 15 media operators – including newspapers – is significant. I expect the major media ownership groups, particularly those primarily invested in newspapers, will vehemently oppose this move given newspapers have been the one part of the media landscape that has, to […]

Convergence Review: ‘Sixth multiplex’ should be used to launch new FTA channels

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Image: espensorvik/Flickr (Creative Commons) Buried in the Convergence Report is a plan that could enable Australian television to be more crowded than the 18 channels already available on digital. While ruling out the possibility of a fourth commercial network, the review wants to use the ‘sixth multiplex’ to be used to launch a number of new channels. Currently, the ‘sixth multiplex’ has been “temporarily allocated” to the community channels in […]

Small bloggers and publishers avoid ‘News Media Council’ body

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Image: chispita_666/Flickr Small bloggers and publishers have avoided being regulated in the Convergence Review, despite another inquiry wanting those to be part of a ‘News Media Council’ body that would regulate news content’s accuracy. The ‘News Media Council’ body was supported by the Convergence Review. However, instead of being government-funded but independent of it – as called by the Finkelstein Report – it should be majority or fully funded by […]

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