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Nintendo: net profit down 74 percent; slashes Wii, DS sales numbers

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Sony isn’t the only one making an announcement.  Nintendo announced its earnings for the third quarter, and it isn’t pleasant reading. The company’s results showed that its net profit for the nine months through December dropped 74 percent. The company’s operating profit for Q3 sank 47 percent as it reported 104.6 billion yen (or US$1.3 billion), compared to the 192.3 billion yen same time last year. It failed to meet […]

Kinect modded to play Angry Birds

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Well after it was revealed that the Kinect could be modified to do almost anything, a whole new community has emerged to try and hook things up to see if the Kinect could recognise the gestures. And now, we have seen some of the results of their mods – one of them happens to be Angry Birds. Using some software – called the KinEmote, which allows your gestures to be […]

Morning Briefing: Wednesday 29 December 2010

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Welcome to the Morning Briefing for Wednesday 29 December 2010, where we highlight the tech stories from across the web and what we are watching here at Here’s what we are watching: A new iPod nano hack has been found, allowing the potential to support movies, TV shows, games, address book and even a calendar on the small device. According to Silicon Ally Insider, Yahoo’s CEO Carol Bartz has […]

Sony announces Playstation Move sold 4.1 million (to stores)

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While both the Kinect and PlayStation Move try to outdo each other as the superior motion controller, the PlayStation Move has already sold more than the Kinect’s 2.5 million units, according to a press release by Sony. Sony claims that the Move has sold over 4.1 million units worldwide since September – two months before the Kinect. However, there might be a catch to that.

TECHGEEK Podcast 18: Put that in your phone

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John Brumby goes Oprah and starts giving doctors iPads, Facebook tries to kill Gmail with their own email project and your phone will be able to determine if you have a STD instantly. What a freaky little world. Oh, and turns out the Kinect is starting to be a bit creepy (and its not because of Project Milo) when advertising companies are getting images of you performing acts in front […]

Review : PlayStation Move

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While the Wii started this crazy phase, Sony and Microsoft have waited years to perfect their own solutions – and they come out this year. Sony, however, has gotten theirs out of the gate first with their PLAYSTATION MOVE, using the magical wand-like controller to interact with the game. However, does it work? Is it really that fun to use for gaming? Read on.

Review : Sony Bloggie MHS-PM5K

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Who would have thought that a HD camera could be so small these days? First the Flip does it and now many other competitors are lining up trying to take a stake in that market; and Sony is no exception with its Bloggie camera line – the model we got is the MHS-PM5K, and we did a piece on it during our CES 2010 coverage. Now it has landed in […]

Massage Vest: The most outrageous controller ever?

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Ever wanted to play a fighter game such as Tekken 2 with a Massage Vest? No? Of course you haven’t but now you can thanks to a student project first thought of in 2007. The vest, dubbed the “Massage Me” has been shown at several electronic exhibitions and has been given a lot of praise. The device is very simple, the controls are scattered in patterns over the vest which […]

Downloadable: 8-Bit Left 4 Dead

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Ever thought whilst playing Left 4 Dead what the game would be like as an 8-Bit game? Well Mr. Eric Ruth has realised that dream by developing a free downloadable 8-Bit version of the game. >>>Download ‘Pixel Force: Left 4 Dead is a retro de-make of Valve’s hit zombie killing masterpiece.  Lovingly recreated in a fashion that would have been acceptable in 1986 for the Nintendo Entertainment System, this de-make […]

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