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ALDI Selling Hard Drives with Free Conficker

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ALDI today withdrew one of their products from sale because it was found to have contained the three year old Conficker virus, which was known for cracking the Administrator passwords on Windows machines and forming a bot-net. The Fission External 4-in-1 hard drive, DVD, USB and card reader device is the culprit which was removed off the shelves this morning. This lead to AusCERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) issuing a security alert users on behalf of […]

Ever wondered where computer viruses get their names from?

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This article is part of Security Month, a month-long initiative to have a look at the security industry and the entire subject as a whole. This guest post was written by Catalin Cosoi, BitDefender senior antispam researcher. Anyone who has ever created something new is granted the right to name it. However, given that computer viruses are born with the purpose of underhand destruction and disruption, they are perhaps […]

Conficker infects Oxford University

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Thought Conficker was dead and buried? Well, you were wrong, as the communal PCs used by the students who attend the Oxford Brookes University were found to be infected with the malware on Thursday, leaving a difficult job to IT support to clean out the virus. “There has been a sustained and significant virus attack on the Brookes network. We are presently working to counteract it but this may result […]

Conficker brings up fake antivirus software

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Researchers from both Trend Micro and Kaspersky Lab have found another feature in the Conficker worm that could, finally, give us another clue on what the hell are they’re planning – the worm installs malware that is disguised to look like antivirus software. The program, known as “Spyware Protect 2009”, starts showing that you have your computer infected for every couple of minutes, “detects” the viruses, network attacks and browser […]

Protect yourself from Conficker

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On April 1, a variant of a potentially dangerous computer virus was set to be activated and its name is Conficker. However, no reported damage has occurred, even though the date was mentioned in the makeup of the variant in the first place. Conficker, however, is still a potential threat to everyone, and you need to know how to protect yourself from the worm, as reports of another variant has […]

Trend Micro : New variant of Conficker in the wild

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It seems that the Conficker threat , which was said to activate on April 1, is still not over; as a mysterious new payload has been introduced to infected computers and is said to be a new variant of the worm, according to a blog posting on the Trend Micro Malware blog. The latest variant, known as WORM_DOWNAD.E by Trend Micro, is known to be spreading over the a peer-to-peer […]

Vietnamese security firm claims Conficker might have come from China

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Vietnamese security firm BKIS, which makes the BKAV anti-virus software, has said that they have found clues that tell them that the Conficker worm may have originated from China, as opposed to countries like Russia and in Europe, according to a report by CNET It’s conclusion is based on the coding of the virus, saying it is closely related to the notorious Nimda virus, which wrecked havoc across the […]

UK Parliament computers infected by Conflicker work

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The UK Parliament has become the latest to fall victim to the Downad/Conflicker work after an leaked internal memo advising network users on how to contain the problem, according to the blog Dizzy Thinks. The latest variant of the worm, which activates and download files to the infected computer on April 1st, is still being debated as an April Fools Day prank or something that will cause havoc on computers. […]

Windows malicious program hits three million computers

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A worm that spreads between PCs, memory sticks and low security networks, is posing as a brand new threat to computer users, even though Microsoft released a patch fixing it. Discovered in 2008, it is known as Conficker, Downadup or Kido; and that it has gone and affecs 3.5 million machines. Experts have said that you should have the latest updates on your antivirus system, and install the MS08-067 patch […]

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