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$25 USB sized computer

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Today, phones, iPod’s and tablets have the processing power of a 7-8 year old computer. There are also Linux distributions that are specifically designed to run on computers with that amount of processing power. Ever wondered about putting the two together? Finally, someone has. Raspberry Pi Foundation, a UK charity which promotes computers and the study of them, has developed a ultra-low-cost computer for use in both developed and the developing world.

TECHGEEK Weekly 28: The War Against Buttons

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So it turns out, our “Powered by” gets crude when I do it. Anyway, we cover the Verizon iPhone 4, Vodafone’s massive security fail and MySpace being sold off? Oh, and find out how ChatRoulette (remember that) is making some dough from an unlikely source. Stewart is sick for this episode – so officially ending his perfect attendance record. And Tom is doing the recording, and he expresses his outrage […]

ASUS release new Tablets for CES

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It time for CES, ASUS have released four brand new tablet computers, designed for home and work use. The operating systems available for the tablets are Microsoft Windows 7 and Google Android. The ASUS tablet range will suit anyone, whatever they do on their computers. Oh and, they work with Flash… Take that iPad. Asus Eee Pad Slider The Eee Pad Slider features a 10.1″ IPS touch-screen for “finger friendly use”, however […]

Lenovo to launch new ThinkPads in 2011

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As we near CES, we have gotten some more information on what to expect. Now, it’s Lenovo’s turn, with the company to release a whole slate of new laptops at this year’s event – with at least four new ThinkPads announced to the media (though Lenovo itself isn’t reporting it on its media site, how weird). One is called the ThinkPad Edge E220s, with a “hot new design” – according […]

TECHGEEK Podcast 20: The Big 2-0

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Yep. 20 episodes. We have actually made it this far, surprisingly, without being pulled from the internet because of our irrelevant and often nonsensical information regurgitation. Anyway, two million finds “She Loves You”, and we talk about Telstra finally being split up into two. Also, Farmville is no longer the King of Facebook applications and we get into a heated discussion of whether an iPad 2 will be out (I […]

USB memory sticks – Utility or fashion accessory?

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I recently received an email containing several pictures of USB memory sticks, or Flash Drives as they are sometimesknown.  But these weren’t your average personal storage or transport of important information……these were novelty! A search then ensued and I was astounded by the different amount of odd and also useful styles. Check out my findings after the break.

Samsung releases their version of the iPad

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Good news, Samsung’s tablet, the Galaxy Tab, was officially released last night though It was not like we didn’t know that it was coming as it was spotted on a Sydney Train around a week ago. Samsung said that the tablet is planned for release in Q4 of 2010 and should be available before Christmas.

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