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W3C brings out a new logo for HTML5… wait, what?

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This, my fellow readers, is the new logo for HTML5. And you may be thinking, what the hell? Why does this have a logo? Well, its to make it easier to identify HTML5 websites – rather than looking up the code – and also does a good job of promoting the new technologies behind the new standard. “It stands strong and true, resilient and universal as the markup you write. […]

Apple faces antitrust review on coding restrictions

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Apple might be in trouble with its restrictions after all, and it took them this long? Reports coming from the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission are looking in beginning who will be taking on Apple on an antitrust complaint on developing applications for the iPhone – the main question, however, is who will it be? After the launch of the SDK for iPhone OS 4, it made […]

TG Podcast: Ep. 1 – We’re Back…

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And we’re back with something new. Thanks to Stewart, we are getting back into the podcast game, though we are going to do this monthly. Yeah, I know, a monthly podcast. Basically that would mean that we would basically catch you up with an entire month’s worth of news in a 30 or so minute show, and thanks to Stewart’s wonderful (or infamous) editing skills, we did just that. The […]

Microsoft admits tool violated GPL, makes source public

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Microsoft will release a Windows 7 tool under the open-source license GPL after it had violated the terms of the license by not making it open source after modifying the code. The tool in question, the ImageMaster USB/DVD, allows users to create a bootable USB version of the Windows 7 DVD, or a DVD backup, from the electronic version of Windows 7, which can be found at the Microsoft Store […]

Python update breaks backwards compatibility, starts over

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Developers of the Python programming language have released the final version of Python 3.0, also called Python 3000 or Py3K, which also sees a major reworking of the language, including making it intentionally incompatible with the Python 2 series of code, according to the founder Guido van Rossum. The new changes was to simplify the development of the code and to remove the complexity that has been built up over […]