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TECHGEEK Weekly 30: Death by SMS

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Wow. We’ve reached 30 episodes – who knew from the beginning we would actually have reached this far. Anyway, we discuss the IPv4 running out of addresses, the new PSP2 by Sony and the Egypt Internet Blackout. We also find out that we are really good at debating points of view, so you may find this episode to be longer than what we usually have our podcasts Sorry if we […]

Egypt Protests: Internet is cut off, more to come soon?

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The Egyptian Government have now shut off all Internet connections coming to and from the country, just hours before a protest planned on Facebook. This comes after reports of the SMS network and the BlackBerry Messaging service had also been taken down by the Government.

Anti-CNN group hacked sports sites

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An anti-CNN group promoting to hack the site has hacked into two sites relating to sports, one under the’s Sports Illustrated name. and were both hacked Early Sunday, with the former still showing the message written by the group. “Tibet WAS,IS,and ALWAYS WILL BE a part of China!” it says. “We are not against the western media, but against the lies and fabricated stories in the media.” […]

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