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Google Drive officially launches with 5GB free storage

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Google Drive has finally officially launched, after years of speculation, and is available now or, for some users, very soon. The service, which has literally been rumoured, and then reportedly killed, over 4 years ago has finally arrived with Google Docs, Google+ and Gmail integration, a better API, 5GB of free storage and native file-syncing, basically like DropBox or SkyDrive offers. The biggest difference is Google Drive’s ecosystem, which has […]

Box Cloud Storage Giving Away 50GB To Android Users

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Box, who provide online cloud storage, have announced that they are going to upgrade all Android Box user’s accounts and give them 50GB worth of storage. This is in an effort to get teams who work on the go or who are just looking for online collaboration on Box. Box’s service is akin to other cloud providers like DropBox, except Box is aimed at those who want online collaboration. This […]

Panasonic develops VIERA tablets, shows off at CES

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Panasonic has showed off at CES its VIERA tablet, allowing access to many cloud services in conjunction with their VIERA televisions. It is, however, only at a prototype stage and therefore not many specs have been revealed. It is, according to the press release, a “tablet-type terminal” with a small LCD screen (the company states that it will come in a variety of sizes between four-inch and ten-inch) and it […]

mSpot aims to put your music in the cloud

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There are plenty of cloud services available for a range of different purposes. For example, if you want to use Office applications you could use Google Docs, or Windows Live Docs. If you wanted file storage you could use Dropbox or Mobile Me’s iDisk. But there hasn’t really been a good way to listen and store music in the cloud and have it easily accessible. mSpot is going to try to […]

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