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A please explain would be nice – 8-bit PS3 & Xbox 360 clones found in the wild

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I’m sorry, but I’m a bit lost over the fact that there is a clone of an Xbox 360 and a PS3 and trying to get my head around that these are not fakes. Anyway, the clones are from Rodisson Technologies Company, a shady, Chinese company. Each can only play 8-bit versions of games, and you could (and would) clearly tell that the Xbox 360 clone is a clone, since […]

Introducing the iOrange – an almost exact look-a-like to the iPhone

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So, who doesn’t want an iPhone. I mean, it’s from Apple – it has to be good. Well, if you are too cheap to be under a contract and want the phone so bad, you can get the iOrange F4. Not only it copied the design, but the interface is the same – and most of the functions, including an gyroscope that will tilt the screen 90 degrees when its […]

iPod knock-off maker sues Apple over monopolising MP3 market

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Apple has one more legal battle to add in its long list of current legal battles that it is named as a defendant, as the Taiwanese MP3 manufacturer Luxpro has filed a lawsuit in Arkansas, accusing the company over monopolising the market, and alleging that Apple controls 80 percent of the music downloads through iTunes, and selling songs over iTunes that will only work with its own player. However, this […]

Meizu iPhone clone hits China, India in December

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Well, it looks like this is not going to die anytime soon. Meizu’s iPhone copycat, also known as the Meizu M8 cell phone is set to be released in China and India thanks to GeekITstores from December. The 8GB model is set to cost somewhere between US$380 and US$470, and will launch with “complete fanfare” – according to the press release. It even says that it was a “better, cheaper […]

LOL : iPhone Knockoffs described in Engrish?

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Everyone loves the Chinese, since they produce most of our crap. And most of that crap are imitation of that crap that are actually made in China. Anyway, we just found a store that is showcasing this crap to make a quick buck – well, it’s obvious they are fake. But what gets me are the perplex features that they claim to offer… First of, its the Shake to Control […]

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