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Can you decypher the time on this watch?

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Believe it or not, this is actually a watch. No joke. Called the Zonal – and yes, I don’t even know what that means exactly – it is essentially a watch that depicts time in red segments of a squircle, or a rounded square. The top right one tells the hours, while the bottom left tells the time in increments of five. The bottom right tells the one minute increments […]

Watch shows time on your wrist … with lasers

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Over here, we love concepts, mainly for their novelty value because they won’t likely be manufactured for the mass market, but they push the boundaries of what we deem normal; and we have posted on the blog an iPod wristwatch and a faceless watch, but a bracelet? Designed by Andy Kurovets, this concept may look like a typical bracelet, but it is actually a watch. But you are wondering how […]

The time is the (square root of 81) o’clock

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Clearly today’s a slow news day, so we decided to have a look at Etsy, the place where people can sell their own handicrafts, and look at we found for math geeks – or just make your friends life harder to read the time. Called the Math Equation Clock, every hour of the day is expressed in an equation. Also, the face of the clock is a laser etched DVD […]

Tell the time with a hard drive

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An interesting piece of work this is. This is a real hard drive being converted into a fully functional clock. While it doesn’t have the numbers, it does have the hour, minute and second hands; and is powered by one AA battery. But don’t think that he only made one, he has made another 16 (according to his profile) – so this could be a great geeky gift for your […]

A watch that tells time without a face

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A watch that tells the time, but doesn’t have a face? That would make it impossible, and very confusing. However, there is such an object; heck, I thought it was just a bracelet. Using LED lights to show the time in the traditional digit format, it will show the time (in 24-hour time) with a press of a button. However, the store is from Japan – and ordering it online […]

LG to present touchscreen watch phone at CES ‘09

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This might not look like much at all, except being a watch with a full-colour screen. However, this possess one of the new form-factor of mobile phones, the ones being built into watches. However, since most watches are not powered lithium-ion batteries, it does not a watch a very good way of having phone capabilities – but alas, it has been done before. But now, it is LG’s turn to […]

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