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Clearance Specials – Gamers Specials at Big W, Target

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While Boxing Day is typically reserved for Myer and David Jones to have their clearance sales; Big W, Target and K-Mart have their clearance specials tomorrow (27th of December). And we thought that it wouldn’t be fair for us to cover only Myer and David Jones, in case that you, the reader, thought that we were, well, biased and taking money from the company – and we are not. While […]

Clearance Specials – Myer and David Jones go crazy with discounts

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It’s Boxing Day, and everyone knows what today is! And we are not talking about the cricket, even though it may sound better than technology. It’s the day where Myer and David Jones need to clean out their inventory so they can sell more expensive crap to you; and since most of this year’s crap would still be there, they need to make some room so they can put this […]

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