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Google unveils Material Design, a unified design language for Android, Chrome OS

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Google has long been known as a company with a beautiful, though fragmented design language. Just a glance at an Android and Chrome OS app in the same sitting could be enough to convince a user that these platforms were both created by a separate company. And in a way, due to the size of Google, that’s almost true. So in a massive announcement at Google I/O the company has shown plans to consolidate the […]

Finally? Google Docs offline editing coming ‘in coming weeks’

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The vice president of engineering at Google, Linus Upson has revealed that Google Docs will finally work offline, as the current Chrome OS commercial promises, in the coming weeks. While talking to a number of UK journalists, Upson revealed that it would be finally updating the app, saying “In the coming weeks we’re going to be launching Google Docs offline. You’ve been able to view Google Docs offline for a […]

TECHGEEK Tips 2.4: Downloading YouTube Videos using Google Chrome

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Finally, the next installment of TECHGEEK Tips. And this episode we focus on downloading YouTube Videos using a great plugin for Google Chrome. If you have ever needed to download a YouTube video in full 1080p quality or convert that Rebecca Black parody to MP3 for your Windows Phone 7 device, then this is the perfect plugin for you! Listen to find out more. We will hopefully have the next episode to […]

Video: A History Of Internet Explorer

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With the release of Internet Explorer 9 this week, the group who upgraded from Windows 1 to 7 have made a new video detailing the history of Microsoft’s (statistically) popular browser, Internet Explorer, all the way from version 1 to the newest member of the IE family, Internet Explorer 9. Check out the video after the break and get ready to geek out.

Chrome OS Pilot Program to go international, but when?

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It’s a shame that Google couldn’t open the program outside of America, because we really would like to try one out (and possibly me beating Stewart and Tom to get it), but there’s some news. The entire blogosphere (well, the one that is outside of the United States) is going crazy over the fact that Google has confirmed that Chrome OS’ CR-48 laptops and its pilot program will go international, […]

Tab-lovers unite: Chrome for a Cause announced by Google

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If you are like me you’d have at least 5 tabs open right now. But just think, what if opening a tab didn’t just help you? What if other, less fortunate, people benefited from you simply opening a new tab? Well, Google has done the thinking for us by releasing a “Chrome for a Cause” extension into the wild. And here’s how it works. From December 15-19, every tab opened (with this […]

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