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AMD brings out ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4000 series for notebooks

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CES 2009 : AMD has brought out a new series of graphics processors for notebooks, the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4000, that is said to “redefine” gaming with advanced capabilities on notebooks. Along with the new features, it is set to deliver up to one teraFLOP of performance power, with support for its CrossFireX technology. It supports DirectX 10.1 and will be the first to support the GDDR5 memory technology, […]

US Prisoner sues Intel for $5 billion over Core 2 Duo design

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Matthew Robert Young, a man who is a “State prisoner confined in the Oregon Department of Corrections, Snake River Correctional Institution” (basically, he’s in jail), has brought a suit against Intel; claiming that he told Steve Jobs about the virtualisation technology, which Jobs then passed it on to Intel. Young is also claiming that he is being “unlawfully held and restrained of his liberty and freedom in the Snake River […]

AMD to spin off manufacturing division

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Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) will announce, on Wednesday, a long-expected restructuring that would see AMD being split into two companies: one for designing chips, and one that will manufacture the chips; according to the Wall Street Journal. AMD has said that it will make a “significant corporate announcement” and will hold a conference call that will be hosted by the CEO Dirk Meyer. The new venture is expected to take […]

Centrino Atom is dead – Atom is still Atom; confusing enough?

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Intel has now decided to drop the Centrino Atom branding, which was used on chips produced for low-powered and UMPC devices, and opted to use the name "Atom" brand across the entire product line. Atom-based laptops were not allowed to use the Centrino Atom brand as these devices use a different version of the processor and uses a traditional two-chip chipset. Centrino is the brand that is specifically used for […]

Intel’s Nehalem chips to be renamed Core i7

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Moving into the multicore era, Intel hopes that its forthcoming Nehalem architecture will be a success – and has renamed it as the ‘Core i7’ brand for the first lot of chips using the new architecture. There will also be a new logo, well two – the traditional blue that many will sport, and a "Extreme" edition with a black logo. The ‘i7’ identity will be attached to them during […]

Intel slashes quad-core chips by 50%

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In a move that signals the "next phase", as APC says, Intel has slashed the price of the Q6700 Core 2 Duo Quad processor in half, with the other chips in its line reduced by 30 percent. The Q6700 now sells for US$266, or around AU$280; from the original price of US$530, or AU$558.50. In total, it has reduced the pricing of 14 processors in what now the industry watchers […]

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