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Google prepares to make iPad rival?

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Google is said to be preparing to make a rival to the Apple iPad, with a rumoured Android-powered tablet, according to the New York Times. According to the paper, Eric Schmidt confirmed the existence of the device to friends at a recent part in Los Angeles; along with some experimenting with a few publishers to find a way to deliver books and magazines – similar to what the iPad does […]

Breaking: No more iPhone Sales? AT&T can do that.

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News just in – it appears the AT&T have suspended sales of the iPhone in NYC. Why? That is still to be resolved but it appears that the AT&T employees have gone ‘rogue’ concerning online and in-store sales. According to Engadget: “…all we’ve heard so far is the charmingly generic "We periodically modify our promotions and distribution channels." Way to quell a fire with the gasoline of ambiguity, friends.” Check […]

It’s the end of the world as we know it (on Wednesday)

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OK, most of the people around the world – and most of the people that I know, are believing that the Large Hadron Collider from CERN may create a huge black hole that could cause the end of humanity as we know it. The machine, which will open this Wednesday, will allow scientists around the world to do many experiments, including smashing protons – hence the black hole theory. However, […]