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Celeb tired of being called gay online, decides to sue

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If you search on Google, or any other search engine for that matter, for “Ron Livingston” (the guy on the right), you would be given his IMDB page, where it states he starred in Office Spaces and Sex and the City. Also, the second result would be his Wikipedia page, but it might be a tad bit inaccurate about his personal life. Livingston, tired of having his Wikipedia page being […]

YouTube, Twitter express sadness over King of Pop’s death

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News of the death of Michael Jackson, known for being the “King of Pop”, has spread across Twitter and YouTube, with thousands of expressions of sadness of fans. YouTube videos, mainly tributes, are slowly rising, while several “Trending Topics” on Twitter are mainly related to Jackson’s death. As expected, Twitter has “crashed” because of the multitude of messages coming from fans – so expect a fail whale sometime soon. Jackson’s […]

Britney Spears tops Yahoo’s top searches

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Britney Spears has made it to the top of the list of Yahoo’s top searches in 2008, mirroring her success of being the top search query in 2007 as well. Following her was WWE, with Barack Obama placed third. Disney’s star Miley Cyrus placed fourth, while RuneScape placed fifth. Jessica Alba placed sixth, while anime Naruto made seventh place, Lindsay Lohan made eighth place and Angelina Jolie placed ninth. Finishing […]