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Super Street Fighter 4 3D information is unveil

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Super Street Fighter 3D was shown at the Nintendo 3DS conference in Europe.  The game will take advantage of the Nintendo 3DS’s ‘Street Pass’.  This mode will allow the players to play against each other with character figures. Once you have a character figure, the figures must be physical place in the ‘Street Pass’ Mode.  When the Nintendo 3DS’s ‘Street Pass’ communicates between the devices, the player to fight the […]

EA, Square Enix, Activision Blizzard to develop games for Project Natal

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Leading gaming publishers Square Enix, Activision Blizzard and EA have been announced as some of the game publishers to produce games for Microsoft’s latest add-on to the Xbox 360, Project Natal. Also announced as partners alongside the three were Bethesda, Capcom, Disney Interactive, MTV Games, Konami, Namco Bandai, Sega, THQ and Ubisoft. Combined together, they account for more than 70 percent of all games sold for the Xbox 360, Wii […]