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Canadian Govt attacked by foreign hackers – IPs traced to China

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Image: chispita_666/Flickr Canada has been the target of a cyberattack that could have given highly sensitive federal information to foreign nationals and has taken off two key financial departments of the Internet since early January, according to CBC News. The attack, first detected in early January, has resulted in both the Finance Department and Treasury Board in order to prevent any more information stolen from their networks, with the counter-espionage […]

TECHGEEK Weekly 31: Where’s my IPv4?

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The internet has run out of IPv4 addresses and also Intel has a bad batch of Sandy Bridge chips that needs replacing. But it’s not all bad news – Murdoch is spreading his empire on the iPad, while Google’s Honeycomb is looking delicious with its sexy user interface. That’s this week on the TECHGEEK Weekly podcast. James Wilson joins the podcast again (for the last few minutes of the episode) […]

Zune expands to new markets – brings movie rentals to Aussie gamers

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Big news from Redmond for gamers, and those who use their Xbox 360s as a media hub. Microsoft has decided to extend its Zune platform to more markets – despite the fact that the Zune player is only available (officially) in the United States. “The integration between Zune, Windows Phone 7 and Xbox LIVE is an exciting expansion in our entertainment offerings,” Craig Eisler, Corporate VP of Interactive Entertainment Business […]

Flickr reaches 5 billion photos uploaded mark

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Turns out, Flickr has topped over 5 billion photos, according to Media Culpa – who apparently have enough time to track what is happening on Flickr (among other social networking sites). And no, the one on the right is not the five billionth photo. According to the site, Flickr apparently adds a billion photos per year. Facebook, however, is reported to have 2.5 billion photos added per year; but you […]

Old circuit boards used to make up 2010 Olympic medals

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Everybody craves to get a gold medal, because it means that for one day (or longer), you were the best at something out of the entire world. The Olympics are no exception, with the medal designs for both the 2010 Winter Olympics and 2010 Winter Paralympics games, both held in Vancouver, being unveiled today. But the medals are not exactly what we are here to discuss, but because they have […]

UK, Canada, Australia to share fingerprint database

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Announced yesterday, Australia is planning to share its fingerprints database of foreign criminals and asylum seekers with Canada and the United Kingdom, allowing all three countries’ relevant departments flag migrants who try to hide away from authorities, with assurances that the data will be protected. The agreement is also set to have the United States to join at a later stage, and New Zealand considering to join in the near […]

Facebook found to breach Canadian privacy laws

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Social networking website Facebook has been found to have breached Canadian privacy laws because the duration on how long the company holds a user personal information, as a new report on Canada’s privacy commission’s investigation concluded. It found that it gave “confusing or incomplete” information to subscribers, but Facebook says it is aiming to safeguard the privacy of users without compromising the site’s usability, according to the BBC. Currently, more […]

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