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Austar to bring 111 Hits to regional viewers

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IN BRIEF : Austar viewers will now have a chance to get one of the latest channels to join the Foxtel family, 111 Hits, after complaints from regional viewers because they missed out on getting the channel, which broadcasts “classic television” shows like Without a Trace, Friends and Will & Grace. The channel is also adding the new Australian current affairs channel A-SPAN on January 20th. 111 Hits is set […]

Google, NBC Uni partner up to sell TV ads on cable channels

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NBC Universal has partnered up with Google on a mult-year partnerhsip that will see Google selling advertising space on some of its cable properties. The deal, set to come in effect in the coming months, will cover advertising for Sci Fi, Oxygen, MSNBC, CNBC, Sleuth and Chiller – with more channels may be added in the future. This new deal is set to use the existing deal with the DISH […]

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