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iPhone bug could cause problems?

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Apple could have a serious security threat on its current firmware for the iPhone, and possibly the iPod touch (since they basically share the same OS), if a report from MacNN is true. According to their report, a group of iPhone developers have identify a bug that could lead it granting access to third party code. This bug is found in the Default.png file of applications, which is used to […]

Hole in Adobe Software allows free movie downloads – yay!

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An exploit, according to Gizmodo, has been found in Adobe’s software that can be used to download free copies of movies and television shows from Amazon’s Video on Demand service (and other services as well). In tests using the Replay Media Catcher, Reuters successfully downloaded the movies that utilised software from Adobe to deliver media, including Amazon – though they say that their shows and movies cannot be pirated using […]

O2 plugs security hole in MMS

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O2 in the UK has plugged the security hole after it caused a storm of people angry with the service after it had been revealed that photos sent by MMS can be found with a simple Google search. MMS messages are sent to its web server if the recipient does not have a compatible phone – like the iPhone 3G – and the recipient will receive a URL so that […]

Windows patch shuts down internet access

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A Windows patch released by Microsoft last week has left call centres at Telstra and a local security software distributor flooded with enquiries after they lost their internet access after installing the update, which was to plug a security hole. Customers using ZoneAlarm found that they had lost their connection altogether, forcing the company to say that it was "incompatible" with ZoneAlarm and the maker, Checkpoint, had released a patch […]

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