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Budget 2010: Govt issues $300m bonds to fund NBN

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BUDGET 2010: The Australian Government has announced that NBN Co will be funded partly by the Aussie Infrastructure Bonds that will be available to both households and institutional investors, with $300 million of the investment will be financed this way this year. “The component of this funding to be provided by institutional and other wholesale investors will be through the issue of CGS as part of the Government’s overall debt […]

Budget 2010: More info on filter as cybersafety funding reallocated

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BUDGET 2010: The Australian Government has given more information about the new filter as it plans to reallocate the $40.8 million given to cyber-safety initiatives and provide ongoing funding of $3 million a year to enhance a range of initiatives to protect children from inappropriate materials. The Government has also announced that it will introduce amendments to the Broadcasting Services Act 1992 and will force ISPs to filter Refused Classification […]

Budget 2010: e-Health plan gets $466.7 million

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BUDGET 2010: Treasurer Wayne Swan has announced that he will put in $466.7 million to established a new electronics health record database, to be supplied over two years, along with a number of other health-related benefits that were part of Kevin Rudd’s health reform package, taking a huge chunk of the 2010/2011 budget. Of the funding, $185.6 million of the funds will be given this year, with the $281.2 million […]