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Angry Birds to create licensed spinoff for movie

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Finnish app developer and creator of the popular (and certainly addictive) mobile game Angry Birds, Rovio is to partner with Twentieth Century Fox to create a licensed version for the upcoming movie RIO – called Angry Birds RIO. The game will see the original Angry Birds kidnapped and taken to the city of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil where they escape and set out to save their friends Blu and […]


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Yes, that’s right.. Terence is on holidays in Rome! So everyone at is partying like crazy. We talk about the new Windows Phone 7, The Android ‘dude’ problem, #newtwitter, the iPhone app that allows you to spy and much much more. Behold, Episode 15 – the first extremely unorganised podcast to come from, oh and we have made the clean tag! Programming note: Terence & James are not […]

TECHGEEK Podcast 14: OMG! There’s another body!

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Yes, apparently Google is into shooting photos of dead people as photos of the dead appeared on Google Street View. Ouch. As well, Motorola gets sued by Microsoft, Facebook lets you download everything you ever uploaded or wrote on Facebook, and MySpace brings out a craptastic new logo. As well, we bring out a new TECHGEEK Tips episode hosted by Terence and Chris, and the individual episode gets released on […]