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Samsung Blu-Ray players come with Netflix streaming

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Samsung is now offering a brand new update to its Blu-Ray players to let them stream Netflix movies to their players, and allow you to fast forward, rewind, browse and rate movies to watch instantly from your queue of movies. The fist players to support this is the BD-P2500 and the BD-P2550, with more coming soon. The players cost US$400.

AnyDVD craks BD+ DRM

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Boing Boing is reporting that Slysoft, the makers of the famous DVD-copying software AnyDVD HD, has managed to crack the new anti-copying system used on Blu-Ray disks. Known as BD+, it was thought to be uncrackable and was one of the reasons cited by many pundits for its victory over HD-DVD in the format wars. BD+ allowed the movie studios to include applications on the disks with some can downgrade […]