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10 WordPress themes you should stay away from

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WordPress is a great CMS and blogging platform, but theming for it is not equal. Like web designing, for every good or beautiful design, you will always have a design that we say that you should stay away. However, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t download them – we’re just saying that they suck, and that people would dislike your site even more. So, here are the list of the […]

10 WordPress themes to get your blog started

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WordPress is a fabulous CMS and Blogging Tool, however, its default theme might not be giving your blog that “wow” factor that you want to impress your friends. You could always develop your own theme, but that would be silly if you have no knowledge on how to design one. So, today, we will be bringing some of the 10 themes that we liked that you may want to use. […]

Crunchies 2008 winners revealed; Facebook takes up top prize for second year

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The Crunchies, an award for started by TechCrunch (and other blogs) for innovative startups, have revealed the winners for its second year running the award. Facebook, which was the Best Overall last year, picked up the award again for this year, along with the Best Startup CEO. It was also the runner up on the Best Technology Innovation/Achievement Award. Microsoft and Apple, long rivals in the computer market, also picked […]

Legal analysis from Microsoft? Company launches new “on the issues” blog

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Microsoft has launched a brand new blog that will give you a chance to have a look at their own view on legal and policy issues revolving around the company, giving them a more “direct line of communication that will enable us to quickly and succinctly provide our perspective”. “We want to create a transparent dialogue with readers and stakeholders. We want to enhance our participation in discussions that propel […]

Gawker to sell Consumerist blog to Consumers Union

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Gawker Media has sold the Consumerist blog to the publisher of Consumer Reports, Consumers Union, according to the New York Times. The blog, which is often the place where consumers place their complaints about stores and products, is expected to become a division within the new owner, and the current editorial staff is not expected to change and will remain publishing the blog. Terms were not disclosed, but the deal […]

Vietnam to impose new restrictions on blogging

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Vietnam has approved new regulations that will effectively banned bloggers from discussing topics that the government deemed to be “undermining national security” and opposition to the state’s views, and bring in a new requirement that would see all of their writing to personal issues, according to reports from the Associated Press and AFP. The new regulations, obtained by the AFP, has said that all blogs must not “provide, transmit or […]

“Improvise” – WordPress 2.7 gets its debut!

By on has already upgraded to it, and so you should too. WordPress has unveiled version 2.7, or codenamed “Coltrane”, which contains a massive overhaul to the WordPress administrator functions, as well as some new features, including the ditching of manual updates and FTP uploads to plugins and the entire blogging platform itself, thanks to an automatic update system – which makes it a bit more attractive to first time users. […]

More bad news over at Gawker – more layoffs even though revenues climb 39%

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Nick Denton has laid off more people over Gawker Media, publishers of Gizmodo and the Kotaku, even though ad revenues for the company climbed to 39% over last years result, with 20% coming from Google ads from each site’s search result – according to a report on The Silicon Alley Insider. Media Bistro broke the news early today, with cuts coming from its popular blogs Gawker, Gizmodo and Jezebel; with […]

Pownce gets bought by Six Apart, shuts down service in two weeks

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Pownce, that high-end Twitter clone created by Kevin Rose and his friends that was started in June 2007 (as a private beta), have announced that they have been bought by Movable Type and Vox owners Six Apart; and that in two weeks, Pownce will shut down its doors forever on December 15. According to the Six Apart blog, all of the team will make the move to Movable Type. However, […]

Gawker sells off Consumerist

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Yes, its true – Gawker Media has decided to sell off another title, The Consumerist, hoping that it could thrive without the powerful backing of Nick Denton and the huge cost-cutting he has done at Gawker, including axing several bloggers (while hiring new ones) and consolidate Valleywag into the mainstream Direct inquiries can be made to Maybe Gawker needs to find itself a sugardaddy, just like rival Weblogs […]

Valleywag to become part of

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Gawker Media has decided to make its tech-gossip blog Valleywag a section of its main New York gossip blog, effectively shutting down the site, according to Silicon Alley Insider. The reason, according to CNET News, is that it was an underperforming title. The site will remain the same, just be moving domains. Gawker Media previously axed 19 jobs in early October, including three staffers from Valleywag, but added new […]

Malaysian Blogger freed in landmark ruling

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A well-known Malaysian blogger has been freed by the courts, in what has been described as a landmark ruling, after finding that the government acted beyond its authority and his indefinite detention and the law that allows these sort of detentions were illegal. Raja Petra Kamarudin, who is the editor-in-chief of an anti-government website, was arrested and detained without trial on September 12. He is expected to be freed on […]

Review : WordPress 2.7 Beta 1

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WordPress, the most popular blogging tool out on the web, has released the first beta of its latest version, WordPress 2.7. While the full version was supposed to go out on November 10th, it was delayed – but they managed to give out a beta version of the software for everyone to try out. So, I took that opportunity to find out what has changed and what has been removed. […]

WordPress company buys PollDaddy

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Automattic, the company that owns both and, has acquired the Irish start-up PollDaddy for an undisclosed amount of money. And it seems to already integrated the service instantly, after announcing a plugin for the self-hosted version (the .org version) and enabled integration with the blogs on The acquisition comes after Automattic bought Intense Debate, an advanced commenting system, and Gravatar last fall. All of the acquisitions have […]

Gawker to fire 19 staff at blog network

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19 people will be fired from Gawker Media, publisher of Gizmodo and Kotaku, but he will also bring in 10 new people to work on his stronger titles (like Gizmodo and Kotaku). As well, according to Silicon Alley Insider, Gawker will also suspend its controversial page view bonus plan for the remaining writers at the beginning of 2009. Among those cut include three of Valleywag’s 5 staffers and two from […]

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