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RIM 2011 product lineup leaked: Sedona, Montana, Monaco and Malibu coming later in year

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BlackBerry’s entire smartphone lineup for this year has been leaked onto the web by CrackBerry, giving us a glimpse at the phones that RIM – the parent company – is expected to release during 2011, and possibly into the first quarter of next year. The company is expected to release the BlackBerry Playbook in Q2 of 2011, and we already know that specifications for that. However, it also plans to […]

Vodafone announces Blackberry Bold 9780 is on sale

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Fans of the BlackBerry would be happy to know that the latest incarnation of the Bold phone series, the Bold 9780, has now launched in Australia with Vodafone announcing it would be selling the phone. The smartphone features the new BlackBerry OS 6, with “Universal Search” and a 5 megapixel camera. It also has twice the RAM from the predecessor Bold 9700, with 512MB of RAM. Pricing has not been […]

AT&T brings visual voicemail to Bold users, still waiting in Oz

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AT&T has now announced that visual voicemail will be coming to the Blackberry Bold in a wireless update to its software, version This will now allow users to find, listen and delete voicemails without dialling a special number and listen to all that crap at the beginning. The iPhone, another phone on their network, has this feature as well. Users will be able to store 40 messages for up […]

Blackberry Bold not really a fan of the pavement

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If you are have, or going to get a Blackberry Bold; you might want to reconsider if you have butterfingers. The phone is, apparently, very fragile as it does not like the concrete once you drop it from two metres. Oh, and you thought that bezel was real metal; well, you are wrong – it’s not. But the good news is, if you manage to make a skin for the […]

Telstra reveals ‘Bold’ pricing

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Blackberry fans can now rejoice after Telstra has lifted the curtain over its pricing and availability for the new, long-awaited Blackberry Bold smartphone. It will offer it from late September, and will offer it for $0 upfront. It has not, however, revealed any specific plans or how much will it cost and the total data usage included. Following on what Optus did with the iPhone, you will need to register […]

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