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BlackBerry 10 updated with easier Android app installs, improved lockscreen, and FM radio support

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Despite significant changes to the company, BlackBerry haven’t stopped working on updates to their BlackBerry 10 OS, today releasing 10.2.1. While the version-number may say otherwise, the new update, rolling out worldwide from today, has some interesting features for owners of the new BlackBerry 10 lineup. Update on Australian rollout below. The biggest change is the new ability to install Android apps from the device, without messing around with desktop […]

The winner takes it all: how BlackBerry will benefit from being open

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A silhouette of Thorsten Heins reveals the answer to his companies problems So, as most will now know, BlackBerry 10 was announced today, alongside the BlackBerry Z10, a beautiful slab phone, and Q10, with a very similar build to the Bold 9900 line. Stupid names by-the-way, but at least they’re kinda-competing on hardware, with no Torch-sized failures in sight. But the OS is still lacking. A number of problems seem […]

Telstra, Optus to bring BlackBerry Z10, possibly in mid-March

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BlackBerry Australia has confirmed that Telstra and Optus have signed on to be the launch carriers of the BlackBerry Z10 smartphone, which was announced today in a huge media event back in New York. However, fans of the smartphone will have to wait a bit – unlike the UK, who are getting it tomorrow, Australians could possibly wait until mid March. BlackBerry Australia have not released actual pricing and availability, […]