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Windows 7 SP1 Beta released

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Windows 7 has to be, in my view, the best Windows OS since Windows XP, but like all others, it must have a service pack. And while SP1 isn’t coming in a couple of months, a beta of the first service pack for Windows 7 and the server equivalent, Windows Server 2008 R2, has been released. Of course, you will be left in the dark for any technical support – […]

Windows 7 Beta end date moved

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Microsoft has said that it will move the date when Windows 7 will no longer be available to the general public to February 10th, after previously saying that it will end the availability to the beta on January 24th – which was an extension from its previous plan to limit it to a number of people. “Because enthusiasm continues to be so high for the Windows 7 Beta and we […]

Aviary opens up beta, gives $85 discount for pro account

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Aviary, a collection of multimedia tools for artists from all different types of art, has now officially made itself open by announcing that it will become a public beta (previously, they were a closed one). As well, they are celebrating this with a US$85 discount for one year using its Pro accounts. Aviary already have a  image editor, a “colour swatches and palettes” tool and a “visual laboratory” tool. It […]

Live Mesh to go beta, adds Mac and Windows Mobile 6 Support

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The Windows Live Mesh team has announced that during this week, Mesh will now be a beta and will add more features to the service. It will also become open to the public, meaning that users who have a Windows Live ID will now be able to access the product without waiting for an invite using Microsoft Connect. Among the new features announced in a blog post, they include: Additional […]

Adobe Apollo Launches Beta…

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Adobe has finally released the beta version of Apollo, which is now called Adobe Integrated Runtime. This means the product name is Adobe AIR; using Adobe twice but whose counting… As well, this now fully supports HTML and AJAX; meaning applications don’t need to be created in Flash. An extension for Dreamweaver will be released. The site is here…

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