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Zane Lowe moving on from BBC Radio to work with Apple

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After ten years at BBC Radio, world-renowned talent Zane Lowe, who has been the face of BBC Radio 1’s award-winning New Music Show, is moving on. And the strangest thing of all? Like a few other recent tech/music hires, it’s towards tech giant Apple rather than another traditional radio creator. New Zealand-born Zowe, who was also just recently nominated for a GRAMMY Award thanks to his role in writing and produce Sam Smith’s […]

Doctor Who 2013 Christmas Special, Sherlock Series 3 trailers released

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SPOILERS! If you haven’t watched The Day of the Doctor that was on ABC1 earlier this morning and instead waiting for it to appear on iView, watch it in cinemas in 3D, or waiting for its repeat at 7:30pm – then you probably should avoid this post. The BBC has released two new trailers just after the airing of The Day of the Doctor – one ten second teaser of the upcoming Christmas […]

BBC releases Sherlock series 3 teaser

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Moffat, you big tease. First the Doctor Who announcement (which is going to air on ABC1 live in Australia at 4am), now this? The BBC has aired a teaser of the new series of Sherlock, premiering after its repeat showing of Series 2. The trailer doesn’t spoil anything, but I’m still excited about it. No date has been set for Series 3 by the BBC, but is likely to air […]

BBC to announce the next Doctor on Monday

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Image: BBC The BBC will announce who will play the next Doctor after Matt Smith, who leaves in this year’s Christmas special, on BBC One this Sunday August 4th at 7pm – or, in Sydney time, 4am on Monday August 5th. According to a BBC press release: Widely regarded as one of the most hotly contested roles in British television, the show’s host Zoe Ball will unveil the 12th Doctor […]

BBC to use 2012 Olympics as test for new format, 16x bigger than HDTV

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The BBC are set to use the upcoming 2012 Olympics in London to test out a new video standard called “Super Hi-Vision”, which is said to be 16 times better in picture quality than HDTV, despite the technology is expected to not come out to consumers for a decade. The BBC plans to launch three screens around the UK that are 15 metres high in order to showcase the technology. […]

BBC to make iPlayer worldwide “within a year”

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Mark Thompson, the Director-General of the BBC, has revealed that the broadcaster is currently at work in bringing its popular BBC iPlayer to licence payers while they are abroad and also creating a commercial version for worldwide audiences via BBC Worldwide, the broadcaster’s commercial division. Talking at the Edinburgh International Television Festival organised by MediaGuardian, Thompson has said that the broadcaster will release the commercial version of BBC iPlayer “within […]

BBC looking into global iPlayer catchup service

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The BBC is said to be looking into offering a global service to its iPlayer service, currently available to the UK market only, with the help of its commercial arm, BBC Worldwide. However, unlike the iPlayer in the UK, you are likely going to be charged to watch one single episode. The iPlayer in the UK is paid by the license fee and is advertising free – mainly because of […]

BBC iPlayer brings in HD downloads

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The popular BBC iPlayer is now bringing in something that users will be happy to use – and will be painful for the ISPs to carry – you can now download and stream your favourite BBC shows in high definition, allowing the picture quality to be better. The new feature will also allow users to view the shows, like Dragons’ Den and Doctor Who (which started recording in HD) on […]

BBC buys, uses botnet for investigation into cybercrime – does it break the law?

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The BBC has said that it had purchased a network of 22,000 infected computers and used it spam its own e-mail accounts on Hotmail and GMail, used the computers for a denial-of-service test and then changed the infected computer’s wallpaper with a message saying that they were infected. The program, Click (which airs on BBC One and BBC World News), said that it acquired the network by visiting chatrooms. The […]

Project Kangaroo gets blocked by Competition Commission

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Project Kangaroo, the new joint venture between UK broadcasters ITV and Channel 4, along with BBC Worldwide – the commercial arm of the BBC, has been blocked from launching the site, similar to Hulu (owned by NBC Universal and News Corporation) by the UK Competition Commission. The venture was deemed to be a threat by the commission to the video-on-demand market in the UK. Channel 4, ITV and the BBC […]

BBC iPlayer download feature now supported on Linux, Mac machines

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The BBC has created a version of the iPlayer, with its download functionality, that works on both Linux and Mac computers. After being allowed to watch the programmes that aired on the BBC online, users on both machines will now be able to download the programmes – however, they will still be encoded with DRM, but different than what is found on the Windows version. Working with Adobe for this […]

Google reveals top searches of 2008 – “Obama” takes Google’s top fastest rising crown (in the US)

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Following a similar move made by Yahoo, Google has announced that results of its “Fastest Rising” and top search queries from its Zeitgeist; with results from worldwide, the United States and 34 other countries, including New Zealand, United Kingdom and Australia (and if you’re scared about your privacy, don’t worry, Google says that no personal data was used). Barack Obama topped the “Fastest Rising” result in the United States; while […]

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