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BBC to make iPlayer worldwide “within a year”

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Mark Thompson, the Director-General of the BBC, has revealed that the broadcaster is currently at work in bringing its popular BBC iPlayer to licence payers while they are abroad and also creating a commercial version for worldwide audiences via BBC Worldwide, the broadcaster’s commercial division. Talking at the Edinburgh International Television Festival organised by MediaGuardian, Thompson has said that the broadcaster will release the commercial version of BBC iPlayer “within […]

BBC to launch applications for BlackBerry, Android and iPhone

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The BBC has announced that it will be producing two new applications – one for its News division and another for its Sport website – for the iPhone, Android and BlackBerry platforms in a bid to rival other news organisations that offer similar applications. According to Neowin, the News and Sports apps will be released in April and June respectively; and both applications will heavily use rich content, like video […]

BBC looking into global iPlayer catchup service

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The BBC is said to be looking into offering a global service to its iPlayer service, currently available to the UK market only, with the help of its commercial arm, BBC Worldwide. However, unlike the iPlayer in the UK, you are likely going to be charged to watch one single episode. The iPlayer in the UK is paid by the license fee and is advertising free – mainly because of […]

BBC iPlayer brings in HD downloads

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The popular BBC iPlayer is now bringing in something that users will be happy to use – and will be painful for the ISPs to carry – you can now download and stream your favourite BBC shows in high definition, allowing the picture quality to be better. The new feature will also allow users to view the shows, like Dragons’ Den and Doctor Who (which started recording in HD) on […]

BBC iPlayer download feature now supported on Linux, Mac machines

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The BBC has created a version of the iPlayer, with its download functionality, that works on both Linux and Mac computers. After being allowed to watch the programmes that aired on the BBC online, users on both machines will now be able to download the programmes – however, they will still be encoded with DRM, but different than what is found on the Windows version. Working with Adobe for this […]

BBC considers offering iPlayer tech to rivals ITV, Channel 4

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The BBC may consider offering free and open use of the technologies that make up the successful BBC iPlayer in a way to prevent Channel 4 to gain a stake in the profitable commercial arm of the BBC, BBC Worldwide; forming part of a response to a public service broadcasting review by Ofcom, according to The Guardian. If the plan gets approved, it would see the video on demand services […]

UK: BBC iPlayer goes on the Wii

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Using the Opera-powered Internet Channel on the Wii, the BBC has announced a version of its popular iPlayer website to the Wii. It will offer the same content as what you will get on the site, with the 7 day content expiry on content. The BBC promises that additional features will also come in the next few months. This also brings a new digital revolution around the BBC’s content, with […]

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