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EA announces Battlefield 3 ‘premium service’, costs $50/year

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EA has preannounced something with Reuters, with the company telling them that it plans to launch a new “Battlefield 3” premium service in hope to boost online sales and to compete against rival Activision’s “Call of Duty” – which also has a premium service. According to Reuters, the service is expected to cost $50 a year. Users who subscribe will gain special privileges such as erasing their own game statistics, […]

Video: £500,000 first-person shooter simulator built by the UK’s Gadget Show

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I have never been this jealous in my life. The Gadget Show, which was shown here on ONE HD for a while, is a television show from Channel 5 in the UK. The latest episode has had the hosts create a complete first-person shooter simulator that plays Battlefield 3 on PC. Not only is it a success, but it is an overall amazing project. Sadly you’ll probably have to be […]

Battlefield 3 will require EA Origin no matter how you buy it

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EA will be enforcing the use of their new, Steam-like service, Origin, in the PC version of their upcoming Call Of Duty competitor, Battlefield 3. If you don’t already know (and I wouldn’t blame you), Origin is Electronic Arts brand new digital distribution platform that allows the purchasing and downloading of PC games and downloadable content. It needs a client and is very much like Steam, except for the fact […]

News on Battlefield 3

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So Battlefield 3 looms ever closer and the recent gameplay videos truly show what DICE’s new frostbite engine can muster. But console gamers be advised that the footage released by DICE is on the PC and this will mean that those incredibly amazing graphics may not be available on the PS3 or Xbox 360. Don’t get me wrong the graphics will be spectacular on consoles but not to the same […]

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