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Nvidia PhysX trailer reveals more gameplay for Batman: Arkham Origins

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In a new PhysX video by Nvidia we get a closer look at some more gameplay of Batman: Arkham Origins and how PhysX adds new features such as dynamic shadows, fogs and tesselation effects. Although the particle effects are a nice add on for PC gamers, the focus for me was on some of the new gameplay featured. While the majority of the gameplay seems virtually identical to the of Batman: Arkham City we […]

Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate “Under New Management” trailer reveals plotline

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Armature Studios’s latest trailer titled “Under New Management” for their upcoming game Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate has revealed a very similar plot to that of 2009’s Batman: Arkham Asylum with a prison uprising at the notorious Gotham super prison. The PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS sister game to be released on the same day as Batman: Arkham Origins by WB Games Montreal sets the stage months after the conclusion to Origins centering around a uprising at […]

Firefly set to appear in Batman: Arkham Origins

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Just announced by Warner Bros games at Gamescon 2013, Garfield Lynns, or Firefly – one of Batman’s early adversaries will make an appearance in the upcoming game Batman: Arkham Origins. Described as ‘unstable’ and ‘erratic’, this version of Firefly will be based on the Post-Crisis character, where his main tools are his iconic flamethrower, grenades, and flight suit. Firefly riddle featured in Batman: Arkham Asylum Hinted earlier in the week, […]

Batman Arkham City Sequel or Prequel?

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Although a sequel may not be too surprising for those gamers who delved into 2011’s “Batman: Arkham City” the release of 15 domain titles recently purchased by TimeWarner of which Warner Bro’s is a subsidiary would suggest the possible names of a future game. The 15 domain names are featured below: Batman BatmanArkhamKnight,com Although many of these titles […]

Review: Batman Arkham City – Harley Quinn’s Revenge DLC

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Rocksteady’s recent Harley Quinn DLC for Batman Arkham City gave me another excuse to jump back into the incredible world of Batman, and to experience Robin in a more prominent role than before. So I dusted off my cape and donned my utility belt and headed back into Arkham City. But is the DLC worth it and does it do justice to the Batman series?